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"Oh I LOVE LOVE Mock ups! Use them for so many products! Sometimes it's so show a client how their order will look as closely as possible so they can choose to change fonts or colours or whatever in advance, and sometimes it's for products I don't necessarily want to make, but want to show that I can make (Like baby onesies; I have 100 designs for those but I don't want to have one of each just on hand waiting to sell!)”

“They're great for me because after working 12 hours in the plant, then going to cheer or swim practice, (then dinner, etc), there's very little time to make anything to show what I can do.”


“I love that I can visualize an item prior to making it. I think we’ve all had the feeling that the execution of an item doesn’t quite match what we have envisioned.”

“You can almost do product testing without wasting money!! You can see if your idea for a product is a good one or not. If no one likes me Halloween Bags I'm sure glad I didn't make 11 of them!!“

“I use mock ups to have "sample sales" so that I can get alllll my design ideas out finally and listed for full retail in my etsy shop. Win win, discounts for customers, and I don’t have to work for free just to have the sample photographed for a listing“


“I like being able to provide a sample without wasting any vinyl. I'll still be able to use my blank and customize it to the customer's preference.“

“I love not having to have a bunch of pre-made stock sitting around. Doesn't tie up space or cost.“

“I love the uniformity of mockups, I like being able to 'brand' things in my albums with my logo, and I LOVE that I don't have to waste materials either heat pressing or embroidering something that a customer may or may not ever actually order.“


“Mock ups have really increased my sales. People want to see what it would look like.“

“Definitely helps in eye appeal and acquiring customers.“


“How does everyone photograph their photos for fb and etsy? Can I get tips? I've tried natural light by the window as well as outside and depending on the type of day the lighting is obviously so different. Does everyone use natural light? Only a certain time of day? I just need help lol”

“Trying to photograph an  etched glass plate is almost impossible. If I have to do a mock-up for someone, they just get the design.”

Photoshop Mockup Mastery

Get perfect product photos for your custom drinkware shop EVERY TIME and skyrocket your Etsy sales.

Fill your shop with well-lit, beautifully staged drinkware photos in hours instead of months. No expensive photo shoots required. Just you and Photoshop, working as a team. She's nice, I swear! Scroll down to learn more....


What if creating beautiful product photos could be easy?

Watch the video to see if this course is for you.

Photoshop mockups turn a hated chore into a fun, effortless experience. Easy-peasy :-)

Give your Etsy shop a makeover with sparkly, new, sales-generating photos (the easy way!)

Photoshop doesn't have to be scary! In this course you will learn how to make gorgeous shop images with ease. Send home the babysitter, cancel the photoshoot, and reclaim your weekend daylight can make perfectly lit and staged photo "scenes" for your glasses, tumblers, and mugs any time of day with just your computer, using Photoshop mockups. Yes YOU.

In just a few lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Confidently create professional product mockup images that attract buyers in droves (cha-ching!)
  • Automate image production so you can fill up your shop in minutes and hit your 100 items now, instead of next year.
  • No pro photographers or designers needed...saving you thousands of dollars!


"Sarah's lessons were short, sweet and packed with all the information I needed to create my own mock-up designs. I have used photoshop in the past, but basically approached the program as a brand new user. I was easily able to follow along with Sarah and learn the process.

Normally when I create a new product and need to take photos for my listing, I have to cut out the vinyl and put it on the glass itself. Then I have to photograph it and edit the photos.

It can be very time consuming and a waste of vinyl since many things I make are made to order. Sarah's process for using a mock-up to place your design in has saved me tons of time and product.

Usually it would take hours to do all of things I needed to list new items in my shop. Now I can do it in 30 minutes."

- Caitlin Howard

Includes over $150 worth of extras

Individual glass (and frame) mockups prepped for any background


Mockup Scene Creators


7 Pre-designed scenes

Just drop your design into the smart objects and save, or feel free to edit them first. Everything is moveable!


Bonus wineglass mockups


Bonus: Clothing Mockups Course also Included!


The Clothing Mockups course sold in the Sarah Design Academy school, is also included as a special bonus module in this course.

So if you are a multi-passionate maker who likes to dabble in textiles, t-shirts, baby clothing, etc., you'll enjoy this bonus :-) 

If you want to know more, check it out here.



“There is an endless list of tasks to be completed to build an Etsy shop or any type of web presence – the most important of which is photos that sell.

I used to spend hours taking my glass pieces to different windows to try to find the right natural light. I found a nice branch in the woods as a backdrop for my bracelets but that only lasted until fall turned to winter.

Sarah’s mockup training has saved me countless hours. I can offer more products than I ever thought I could because the Photoshop mockups with the “smart objects” make it so easy to display new designs quickly.

You can search the web for Photoshop “how to” videos for hours but you will never find any that are as useful as those by Sarah. They will be your “go to” references.”

-Deborah Ryan, Presents Personalized

Buy Photoshop Mockup Mastery now!


One payment of $99 (50% off of $197)


Can I afford it?

I get it, money doesn't just grow on trees. You have a budget and want to know if this program is worth investing in. You want to know if you'll really get a return.

To put things into perspective, you can STOP wasting time/materials, and START posting products that practically sell themselves for less than the cost of...

  • A trip to the salon
  • A healthy ;-) shopping trip to Target
  • A nice dinner out with drinks
  • That cool new gadget you've had your eyes on
  • School shopping with your kids (or grandkids)

And don't worry, you'll be able to "treat yo'self" again because you'll make your money back in no time...

All it takes is:

Remember, you get $150 worth of my readymade mockups INCLUDED in this course. So really this is only costing you fifty bucks (I might need to re-think this deal! LOL!) So if you sell your drinkware for a profit of $25 each, then you only need to sell 2 products to cover the cost of this program. With the knowledge from this course, you could list 2 new products in a day!

And you get this secret benefit:

I'll tell you another little secret. There's a hidden value to having beautiful product images for your Etsy shop. Once you have them, you feel PROUD to show your products and end up sharing them even more places like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and that gets you more visibility and EVEN MORE SALES.

Course curriculum

  • Module 1: Setup and Basics of Photoshop (don't worry...just the bits you need)
  • Module 2: Tools and Selections (finally learn how to cut things out of backgrounds!)
  • Module 3: Working with Files and Images (get comfy with your newfound skills)
  • Module 4: Smart Objects (this is the key to a wonderful life! I think so at least ;-)
  • Module 5: Automation and Planning (sit back and watch Photoshop do all the work)
  • Module 6: Workflow and Social (learn to make a strategic image plan for everything)
  • Bonus Module 7: Clothing Mockups course! (also sold separately)

About Sarah

You made it to the bottom of the page! :-) I'm Sarah Guilliot, a professional designer and fellow Etsy seller who blogs over at I created Photoshop Mockup Mastery after seeing how drinkware sellers like you were struggling to get decent product photos. I totally get it!

When I opened my first Etsy shop, I immediately felt the pressure to get the magical 100 LISTINGS that everyone says you need to get sales. Sound familiar?

So I opened my shop in November, hoping to capitalize on Christmas sales and was immediately beset by these beasties:

  • Bad lighting (there's no sunlight at night after the kids go to bed)
  • No time (again, kids)
  • No equipment/props for beautifully staged photos
  • No money to blow on wasted materials just to take a photo!

Is this ringing true for you too?

Luckily, due to my background in design, I actually knew the answer to these issues. Mockups!

I knew that I could leverage my design skills to make mockups for my shop and be able to list beautiful and cohesive products any time of day or night, without a shred of photo equipment. 

So I dug in and created a process for my listings.

With my processes in place, I was able to export fully prepared, on-brand, polished, professional images for my Etsy shop in just 5 minutes per listing.

Doesn't that sound like something you need in your business? Imagine how much better life will be once you have MASTERED your product photos. It's such a load off.

You deserve to feel that sweet, sweet relief too :D


Photoshop Mockup Mastery

Easily create perfect product listing images EVERY time and skyrocket your Etsy drinkware shop sales


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What's included in the course?

The course has 6 modules plus my Clothing Mockups course is included as a 7th, bonus module! Each module is around 5 lessons long. There are some PDF downloads, and practice files to work from.

I've also included a BUNCH of mockups directly from my online shop such as my Mockup Scene Creator, Wine glass (with and without glitter), Mason Jar Mug, Beer Stein, Champagne Flute, Picture Frame, and lantern and flower accessory prop images.

+ How long does the course take?

The course has 6 weeks worth of content (plus a bonus course) but many students will blast through the lessons over a weekend because they are so easy to follow :-) You get instant access to the entire course as soon as you purchase.

+ Photoshop looks hard! Can I really learn it?

Do you want to know a secret? You don’t have to know EVERYTHING about Photoshop to make it work for you. And you don’t have to be a professional designer to learn to use it.

You only need to learn the few tools and processes for your particular situation to make your image creation tasks easier.

In this course, I’ll walk you step-by-step through those essential tools and I leave out all the rest so you never feel overwhelmed. This may be called Photoshop Mockup “Mastery” but it’s meant for beginners! Newbies who want to master just the steps they need to make their Etsy shops shine.

+ Do I need Photoshop? Can't I make mockups in Silhouette?

You can technically make mockups in other programs like Silhouette, Cricut, Canva, etc by laying your design on top of an image one-by-one on an individual mockup basis. But those programs don’t have Smart Objects like Photoshop does. And Smart Objects are your secret weapon in the war against TIME SUCK with your image creation.

Smart Objects combined with Photoshop's built-in automation tools mean you could create all 10 of your Etsy listing images in minutes.

Whereas doing the same process in Silhouette would require painstaking manipulation of each mockup image TEN TIMES for every single listing. That's ok if your shop has just a couple designs in it.

But if you want a shop with lots of products (and lots of SALESssss ;-) then don't waste your precious time on lesser programs! Photoshop is only ten bucks a month :D

+ How is learning a new program better than taking my own photos? Isn't that way more time consuming and difficult than snapping a few pics?

Hey you know, for some businesses, straight-up photography with lighting, done by a pro might be the best choice (and if you are unsure, email me and I’ll give it to you straight!). But if you sell designs on glass and have ever tried to take a decent picture of then you KNOW how hard it is.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people taking pictures of glass in front of black backgrounds (which makes it easier to read, but looks kinda depressing), or stuffing tissue paper inside their glass mug in hopes that customers can see the design, or straight up taking shiny reflective, awful photos because that’s the only option they know about.

+ Isn't Photoshop Expensive?

It’s actually cheaper than you think. You can get Photoshop Creative Cloud + Lightroom for around $10/mo, and Adobe offers a free trial! I cover this information in the setup section of the course so you don’t have to worry about getting it ahead of time.

+ How do I get my designs out of Silhouette and into Photoshop?

Wonder no longer. I totally cover this in the course! Hint: it’s basically a matter of taking a screenshot of your Silhouette Studio screen and saving it to your desktop. (Or if you have Silhouette Studio Business Edition, you can export a screenshot) Then you edit it in Photoshop. You can do it! I guide you through it.

+ How do I know if mockups will work for my business?

Easy...just email me at and tell me about your biz. I'm happy to take a look and let you know if I think it would benefit you.

Some businesses are SO specific and niche that mockups aren't as useful to them. If that's you, I will straight up tell you. I don't want to waste your time or money!

+ Why do I need to learn to make mockups from scratch? Couldn't I buy pre-made mockups online?

Here's the deal. There are a lot of really pretty pre-made mockups out there that you can use. I even sell some in my Etsy, Creative Market, and SoFontsy shops! And that's fine as long as you don't mind that the shop next to you might be using the very same mockup.

In my course, I provide you with some free mockup files you can work from for starters, but more importantly, I give you the skills to be able to customize those files so they look unique to YOU.

And these design and Photoshop skills allow you to truly infuse your mockup templates with your individual branding. You can make a unique look for your listing images so they are instantly recognizable as yours.

And bonus...knowing Photoshop means ALL your graphic design needs are easier. You can whip up line sheets, or Pinterest graphics, or edit your Instagram photos, or create blog imagery with ease all on your own. No need to hire a designer.

+ Do you offer refunds?

I don't offer refunds simply because this is a digital product so you can't ever actually "return" it. And there are a bunch of mockup files direct from my shop that are included in the course.

All that being said...if you have issues or are feeling completely lost, do reach out! Your satisfaction is really important to me - I want you to feel empowered by this course and your new Photoshop knowledge. I want you to succeed! So if you have trouble any time, just reach out via the email address included in the course.